Helen Parker
“They have never let me down. Always reliable and very good value.”

Adrian Steel
“I’ve used Autotechnic twice now for work on my beloved 2010 Touareg and have been extremely pleased with the outcome on both occasions. The first time they diagnosed a really tricky problem with the electronics which the main dealer had twice failed to find. The second time was a normal service, but I asked for a couple of additional fixes at the same time. Once of the fixes proved to be impossible without huge expense and despite having spent significant time trying they did not charge for any of it. Nice people, great comms, and a common sense approach to what needs to be done.”

Kawawa Chitiya
“Got in touch regarding a water pump change…the communication was flawless and profressional. Had someone come down to pick up the car, and got the job done on time. When it comes to Specialist services, they were the most affordable so, yaaay to that. Haven’t had a single problem since. Really enjoyed the service.”

Natalie Turned 0
“I have used autotechnics for the last few years and they are brilliant. They can always fit me if something goes wrong with my car. I am always happy with the friendly and professional service I receive from them. I would definitely recommend.”

Barry Symons
“Professional quality service and repairs thanks”

Ian Thompson
“Used for 1st time this week and very impressed! My local garage didn’t have the equipment to repair my passat so recommended Autotechnic, very efficient, friendly and good value for money compared to what VW quoted!”