Car Servicing

Offering the highest quality service from Audi trained technicians, our services are also covered by warranty as we use genuine parts and follow all manufacturers specifications

We offer two types of services:

  • Fixed/Annual: Recommended for drivers covering 10,000 miles or less per year

  • Variable/Long Life: Recommended for drivers doing above 10,000 miles per year

  • Minor Fixed Service – (from £90.00)
    Major Variable Service – (from £125.00)
    Minor Fixed Service – (from £150.00)
    Major Variable Service – (from £185.00)
    Engine Oil & Filter change Engine Oil & Filter change
    Diagnostic check Diagnostic check
    Vehicle road test Vehicle road test
    Full vehicle inspection Full vehicle inspection
    Reset service indicator Reset service indicator
    Stamp service history book Stamp service history book
    Lights & levels check & top up Fuel Filter change (diesel engine only)
    Check/change pollen filter
    (additional charge may apply)
    Pollen Filter check/change
      Air filter check/change
      Lights and level check & top up
      Spark plug change (petrol engine only)